Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Say It Ain't So Ryan, Say It Aint' So...

In a recent story by Sky Sports News, the writer asks whether 36 year-old Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs would possibly see his waning football days out in the United States via the MLS League.  Despite mentioning his favorable opinion of living in the U.S., he doesn't shed much light on whether he would seek gainful employment on the pitch.

As a fan of Giggs and an admirer of his career and talents, I selfishly would be thrilled to see him play his final season(s) in the U.S. so as to see the man live as much as I possibly could even if slightly past his prime. But, conversely, as a fan who appreciates his career and accomplishments, would certainly respect his desire to finish in storybook fashion, in England with the team who've employed his entire professional career.

So often, and perhaps as the nature of the beast, athletes tend to have a hard time knowing when to quit or how to exit gracefully. It is fully their right to play their chosen sport as long as humanly possible despite the public way with which their wares are so often shown to reveal a tarnish to the lustre of achievements past.

It is for that very reason that I support that rare player who, on their own terms, having fully enjoyed the fruits of their labor, can leave their beloved profession at a time when their skills are still evident and can easily be remembered fondly.

I salute Ryan Joseph Giggs and his decision (should it be) to not finish his playing career in the U.S. and see out his limited days in a Manchester United uniform. It is simply the way it should be and nothing outside of a storybook ending for this man's illustrious career would do.