Monday, August 17, 2009

End of another summer

For me, summer is not magical anymore. Ironically, I noticed this while watching our kids and friends' kids, with grouped effort and at great energy expense, joyfully make huge waves in their swimming pool. It took me back in time for a few moments...

I can say that during my childhood and even up into my early 20s, my body, mind, and soul appeared to be on that wonderful rhythm which followed the school calendar and late May through late August was 'Magical-Super-Fun-Summer-Time'. In my mind's eye, every day was perfect, filled with sun and warmth and leisure and fun. Make no mistake, I'm glad I at least have those memories and apparently have suppressed any rainy, complaint-filled days of boredom and discomfort there may have been.

Now, a full 20 years off of the school calendar, my body and soul have quite obviously taken leave of that very enjoyable and reliable cycle, my mind disconnected with everything altogether. Our kids have gone back to school as well this week and there was a lithe bit of fun during the first day of school. The few standout snapshots of this day for me were mainly three-fold and goes something like this:

The Prologue - Walking to the schoolyard, anticipation in the air, helping the kids find their teachers, kids and adult friends of ours who are teachers lamenting the start of another year (at which those of us schlubs who work year-round snickered).

Act 1. - A small group of parents (myself included) cheering and clapping for the lines of kids following their teachers into the school on the first day. I saw and meant this as encouragement to the kids and the teachers to help alleviate some of their anxiety for what lies ahead. Good on us.

The Epilogue - Draggy parents with empty coffee mugs slowly dispersing from the playground and back into the more rigid confines of the workaday world.

I enjoyed my childhood or at least I remember enjoying it. I enjoyed school and I enjoyed summer break. I'm happy our kids are experiencing it, but as for me, the first day of school just serves to remind me how much I miss it. I'm also a Leo so me and summer do go hand-in-hand.

At times like these, I feel disconnected from myself and i don't like it. Maybe I should have been a teacher after all...

Monday, August 3, 2009

Find your center.

Summer is winding down (although some may argue it never got started around here) and with it comes that time each year when we contract into our family and set about planning more structured time management. It's not easy because summer is (and should be, by my way of thinking) typified by free and easy times with significantly less regimentation. My lawn is a great example of that.

Now is the time for all good parents to begin the task of setting up the kids for one of the most exciting and anxiety-producing days of the year - (in doomlike voice) The First Day of School.

Thankfully many things have already begun without my knowledge or planning which is terrific for someone who rarely thinks anything major in our household cannot happen without my terrific influence and knowledge. Sad, but true. I am coming around though thanks to the great other in the house who sets about getting things done and not merely talking about them.

To achieve that centered feeling without creating a hysterical panic about the new schedule does require a bit of discipline and no procrastination. Little bits each day rather than a mass of chaos on the final days. This method is not in my nature apparently, but as I said, I am coming around... slowly. Today is Monday, and I am vowing to begin working toward a more regimented and consistent schedule both for myself and the kids.

Which means I must stop wasting my time blogging for now. Thanks for checking in and I'll see you down the road, more centered, more focused.

What? Why are you laughing at me like that?... (harumpf)