Monday, July 7, 2008

Small town, nuthin' ta do? Part 1

This recently passed holiday weekend was quite fun. For me, anyway. Can't speak for the rest of me clan.

Our little town has quite a group of 'to-dos' during the Fourth, and this year, since the actual holiday was on Friday, the celebrating in earnest started Thursday night and ran right up to Sunday evening. While the music rocks at Rothbury, the family fun rolls all weekend long in Goshen.

Thursday - Many neighbors and friends gathered for a impromptu fireworks session which is typically held in the middle of our in-town, residential street, much to the chagrin of local thru traffikers. Highlight: One unwitting traffic 'co-ordinator' had the pleasure of directing one of the local boys in blue around our little celebration. The gracious officer was attending to another neighbor, not responding to our ruckus and smiled as he politely followed our signaler's direction. Our signaler, however, was chagrinned to find that, at the range of approximately 30', the white Chevy Impala approaching was actually a squad car. Fortunately for me, my 5 year-old son, despite the fun being had, was wise enough to know that he was tired and ready to go home around 10:00pm. I gratefully joined him in heading for bed.

Friday - As scheduled, Myro and I played golf with another player and this day's fun began at 6:20am with the tee balls flying. Is those who know me can attest, me up and out the door by 6:00am without a house fire or some other emergency is surprising in the extreme. Golfing early in the morning has distinct advantages which far outweigh the negatives:
1. There is nearly no one on the course (I can't emphasize the greatness of this one alone).
2. Seeing the sun come up and setting fresh tracks in the dew-laden grass is truly special for me. Hearing mowers and seeing the rooster-tails of dew from my putts reminds me of my wonderful, youthful mornings of junior golf.
3. We're done before the throngs arrive and the heat gets oppressive.
Also on Friday was a client meeting (yes, for work) which came after a quick shower and change into my work attire. This client is a friend so exceptions (though rare) can be made when necessary. Friday's PM found me with the kids and naps around 4:00pm were the result of active mornings by all. Following naps, we headed downtown for First Fridays (a local event celebrating our downtown and community). Walking, shopping, eating, and seeing friends were on the agenda there. After a 'best pizza in town' as judged by me, we made our way home to find the pajamas and beds. Truly a gratifying day.

Saturday and Sunday to come...

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