Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Compendium of DZ's All-Time Favorites, Part 1

There has been too, too much going on since my last post to even know where to begin, so I'll simplify the process by not posting any of it and getting on with other things.

I've dabbled with the 'favorites' themed post a few ago but now I thought it prudent to just give my list of all things favorite with no particular order or category. These are items that without question are indellibly etched into me as of this day, 2008.

Favorite Year of my life - 1987. I'm 19, turning 20 - ending sophomore, starting junior year of college. I've got college figured out. I've got the essentials of friendships, fun, cars, food, and females all figured out (what more could there be?). To this point, I've never had such a mature (read muscular) physique and I feel like any task physical, mental, or emotional is totally covered. IU wins the NCAA Basketball Championship. My favorite Indycar driver, Al Unser, wins his fourth Indy 500 in spectacular and legendary style. I meet my sports hero, Dr. J, in person and get a pic and an autograph. Oh, I could go on, but I won't... At that time, those sorts of events were paramount in my psyche.

Favorite TV Show - Hmmm tough one, but I'll go with Seinfeld edging Friends in a photo finish. I could watch those shows anytime, anywhere, over and over, and still enjoy them immensely. As a kid, I rarely missed ZOOM, Mr. Rogers, and The Electric Company. Also, I think I may have every single punch line to Bugs Bunny cartoons memorized.

Favorite Food - Pizza. No questions asked.

Favorite Beverage - Again a tie, Milk and Fresca. Not together of course.

Favorite Movie - Caddyshack comes to the top of this sort of list quite often, but The Big Lebowski is often right there of the modern flicks.

Favorite Car - Hmmm, several come to mind... Porsche 911 - Mid 1980s with the 'whale tail'. Nothing else seemed to wrap performance, luxury, esteem, and function in a tighter package.

Favorite car I've ever driven - 2004 Panoz Indycar
(at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway no less).

Favorite Sports Event - Indianapolis 500. Another 'no questions asked' item.

Favorite Season - Spring. So much I like about what happens during Spring just edges out Summer.

Favorite Color - Blue.

Favorite Jelly Bean - Black.

I'll stop there for now. More to come later on this subject but for those who need extremely-last-minute Christmas gifts for me, here's your help. If Indy 500 tickets or an Indycar driving session is out of your budget, I'd gladly settle for a 1/2 pound of all black jelly beans. I'm not sharing either.

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