Thursday, March 19, 2009

Are Wii Crazy?

We Got a Wii last night.

And by we, I do mean 'we'. Not the Royal We (mq-nsfw: movie quote - not safe for work), or we as in 'me', but we.

It was an instant fam-favorite move but, with my seeming inability at this early point to stop playing, uhhh, setting up the Wii room, I now question my judgement. The Sony PS that's up in the attic has barely been touched and likely due to the fact that nobody but me enjoys Gran Turismo 2 (and I we haven't bothered with showing the kids another time-wasting tool). Fine. I can live with that. It's 10 years old anyway.

Nowwww, now, now there will need to be more family communications, more scheduling and prioritizing, more sharing and give and take. I can see the almighty Wii may already have us hamstrung. Damned machines. Enslaving all peoples to their basal instincts for pleasure and recreation. Damn you Nintendo, damn you to hell. What? It doubles as a DVD player? Welllll, that's actually relatively somewhat practical. Oh, and there's 'yoga and fitness' and stuff like that? Hmmm...

OK, maybe... juuust maybe, it won't be so bad. Perhaps abstract thoughts such as 'give and take' and 'work before pleasure' and 'communication' and 'sharing' and 'I said it's bedtime' will actually have some genuine meaning. Maybe this will open a new chapter of family togetherness and co-operation. Perhaps all will be well with my soul.

Yeah, and as long as my household 'to-do' list is currently, multiplied by my current rate of completion, I won't getting any more turns on the Wii until approximately August of 2011.

Wii may not be ready for a Wii, but at least it doesn't poop on the carpet.

(it doesn't do that too does it?)

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