Friday, June 5, 2009

TK's Triple Entendre Plus...

Now I love a good double entendre as much as anyone, but I saw pic this on the website News page this morning and laughed... hard.

They even noted the double entendre on the website. I'm sure there are adults in that very newsroom (or wherever their news is made) having a good laugh at the pic and the triple entendre it carries. Without his expression, you could not have warped to the 3rd humor dimension. Now that I think about it, TK's car was on fire last week in Milwaukee which adds yet another dimension... WOW, quadruple entrendre! Love it!

I know it's an ad by 7-Eleven who is a sponsor of TK, but in a version for hetero-males, I'd have opted for driver Ana Beatriz. Oh, just happens I have a picture of me with her...

Look how thrilled she is (ha) to be taking a pic with some random dude with a fat head (me) at Indy during the rain delays of 2008. I can say she was very gracious and polite (and cute). I did my very best to be civil and polite as well but the beverage you may see in my hand was approximately #7 for the day already (no, it's not Fresca) and I am concerned I may have come off a bit too bold and informal in my approach to request a picture. Photo timestamp: Friday, May 23, 2008, 11:29:18AM. HEY, it's Indy weekend, don't judge.

It's Friday, enjoy yo'self! It's a celebration bitches!

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