Thursday, February 25, 2010

Good Winter, but Time to Change...

OK, I'll admit it - I've had a great winter.

Atypical and surprisingly enjoyable. Largely fueled by a return to snowskiing after many years layoff, and the best natural winter snow conditions I've seen in Lower Michigan for several years, I can say that 8 skiing days and the occassional sledding run makes for an enjoyable winter.

So much so that I've developed a 'wintersports me': a somewhat crotchety, over-40, ski-only, board-averse, old-school (like 80s old-school, not 2002 old-school), longboard, Glen Plake devotee, groomer piste, midwestern trucker.

Lest you get caught up in this least-favorite-season revelry, I am here to now remind myself that, like Peter Brady sang, It's time to change. To me that means the countdown and planning and anticipation for that last weekend in May is on like Donkey Kong.

Spring was for many years my favorite season, largely because the crescendo of events of my favorite sports (basketball - NCAA tournament, golf - The Masters, and IndyCar - The Indy 500) sent me off into summer breaks with enthusiasm (1987 was a particularly spine-tingling year for me - IU Hoosiers = Champs, Larry Mize chip-in FTW, Al Unser's unlikely 4th Indy 500).

Now the planning for the Indy trip is in full swing, and the unexpected momentum from winter has carried over into the impending spring... at least it better be impending...

Watch out Indy, the boooyyyyys arrrrre baaaaaack innn toooownnnn!!

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