Friday, July 17, 2009

Quickie '3-hitter' list...

Quickie '3-hitter' list of things I like about my summer so far:
1. Not hot. 72, light breeze, and sun is perfect for me.
2. Vacation was great and the kids also seem to be having a good summer break - trying new activities and learning new things. (Thanks Lynners!)
3. Coaching the winning 2nd and 3rd grade girls' team in GYSO (soccer) league this summer. The kids went nuts when they won with a dramatic extra time goal in the final and repelled two shots to tie. I was thrilled. My wife said she's never seen me jump so high. I have to disagree, but the point being that I didn't even realize I had jumped. Nothing like a last-minute game-winning goal to spark a little pandemonium in the crowd.

That's all for now. Less lag between posts in the future... I Promise!!


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