Monday, February 18, 2008

Aches n pains

OK, so despite the potential for whinyness this post's title may contain, you ventured in.

Good for you.

Good for you because not only were you bold, but you were also correct. If you're the type of person who's thrilled at being right, or more specifically one who delights in being a problem-solver, read no further. You will not enjoy it. As the pop bottle top often reads, 'Thanks and Try Again'.

I woke up today feeling just a bit more flu-like than yesterday. It's that vague, mid-back, shoulderbladey-type of non-muscular ache and chilled feeling that typically for me precludes a bout with the flu. Based on a local, non-scientific sampling, I have concluded that I don't 'feel right'.

I'm scheduled to play in my local, mixed-doubles tennis league tonight and, although willing, I am not sure if it's wise to do so. Problem is, we have only one substitute to call on and knowing others in the group are feeling worse than I am, I feel obligated to play, all the while risking a further decline in my general health. The other possibility would be that my enjoyment of this physical activity could raise my endorphin levels, yielding a therapuetic result.

I'm laying even odds on the outcome, so we'll roll the dice and see. Tell you how it goes next time.

Wait a minute. Upon further consideration, I'm going to say that odds are 4:1 I acutally feel better afterwards. Odds are even I lose multiple bodily fluids after this exercise. Come on, endorphins, you can do it!

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